Brand Elements
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Like the logo and palette, typography is a critical component of the brand identity. It is a pervasive element used across all communication mediums. Typography is a unifying element that pulls together all other elements. Consistency is imperative to Prometric’s brand identity.

Primary Type Faces

Prometric uses a primary sans-serif typeface: Breuer Text, and a primary serif typeface: Scala. Breuer Text is to be used for Headers and Headline copy in all applications, and may appear in both Bold and Light weights. Scala is the primary typeface for running body copy, it should NOT be used for headlines or subheads.

Breuer and Scala

Secondary Typefaces

Grotzec Headline Condensed is a secondary typeface and should be used in limited applications. As a condensed face it offers good readability even at very small sizes. It should be used for sidebar callouts, subordinate headlines, quotations or testimonial copy and chart and graph details.


Typeset Uses

Breuer Text, Anziano and Grotzec Headline are to be used for all materials that are professionally produced. Examples of these include stationary, brochures, packaging, exhibit displays, signage and presentations. Except for foreign translation and non-typeset uses, the primary and secondary fonts have no substitutes.

Alternates for Non-Typset Uses

Non-typeset uses include media applications, where there is little or no control of text formatting or choice of font is limited, unavailable or illegible. Applications include text on websites, email, PowerPoint presentations, etc. These alternatives should be used sparingly and only when
absolutely necessary.

Arial and Times New Roman

A Few Words About Breuer

The corporate typeface, Breuer Text, is reserved for use in official Prometric marketing collateral. The marketing departments in Singapore, Japan and Manchester have purchased the Breuer Text font family to enable them to support our global marketing initiatives.

Breuer Text is not a public domain (free) typeface and must be purchased by each user prior to use.