Brand Elements
My Prometric

Prometric relies on photography and illustrations to convey its brand personality, customer and cultural diversity and client driven solutions. As a powerful and provocative form of expression, imagery is essential in telling the Prometric story. Always choose imagery that is appealing and meaningful to Prometric’s target audiences – see Prometric’s Image Library.


All photography should have a human element – even close-ups of hands, faces, etc. Images should show a diversity of age, race, gender and type of customer. Imagery with regard to centers should be accurate and contemporary – do not substitute a stock photo of a computer lab for a test center or show equipment Prometic does not use.

Preferred imagery contains...

Avoid images with...

imagery examples

Product Photography

When selecting images that are product focused, be subject specific. If the product is country or regionally specific make sure the images are supportive.

Professionally Shot Photography

Professional photographers should be provided with Prometric’s brand personality. They should also adhere to the above attributes list of what is acceptable and what should be avoided.

Stock Images

There are numerous companies offering stock photography. If purchasing stock images, make sure they are acceptable according to these guidelines, and generally choose the highest available resolution so the image is crisp and clear. Often an image used for web or presentation purposes would also work in print or exhibit graphic applications.


Royalty-free images offer open licenses to be used for most applications. So once purchased, you may use the image in a variety of marketing materials. There may be restrictions, so read and adhere to the license agreement. Keep in mind that royalty-free images are generally much less expensive but used by a larger number of companies.


These images are licensed for a specified application, quantity, and period of time. Cost is dependent on visibility and exposure, making them potentially very expensive.