Brand Elements
My Prometric
Color Palette

Prometric’s color palette is another critical brand attribute. Color is often as recognizable as the logo itself, because it reinforces the brand even without the presence of the logo. Color conveys character, tone, symbolism and emotion – all which help to define and make the Prometric name and brand memorable. Therefore, just as with the logo, there are rigid guidelines that must be followed with regards to color application.

Corporate Colors

Prometric’s brand colors are Black and Green PMS 376C (also PMS 375U).

Corporate Colors: Black and Green

Secondary Colors

The secondary color palette is comprised of all shades of gray(3 sample shades are shown to the left) and cream. It is limited with purpose—a restricted secondary palette allows our Corporate Brand Colors and any use of photography or graphic elements to clearly stand out. Do not add colors to the Prometric Color Palette.

Corporate Colors: Shades of Gray and Cream

Colored Text ONLY in PowerPoint
and HTML

In electronic applications, such as PowerPoint or HTML, the Prometric green does not offer sufficient contrast against a white background. Similarly, the Prometric gray appears black. Therefore, we have specified the following alternate formulas when those colors are USED AS TYPE. Do not substitute these formulas for any other application.

Uncoated Alternatives

For uncoated paper applications we
suggest using Pantone 375 U in place
of Pantone 376 C.

Which Formulas Should I Use?