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Corporate Signage

Prometric has provided the following guidelines for corporate signage to maintain brand integrity and to ensure their highest level of effectiveness. Signage not only supports the corporate brand but also provides important information to the audience. Signage is classified in two categories – primary and internal.

Primary Signage

Primary signage includes the use of the Prometric logo on the exterior of a building to identify a corporate office or test center location, as well as initial interior reception areas.

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Radiant Value

The area defined by the top of the letterforms to the uppermost point of the upper radiance mark.

Radiance mark

Visual Center

The area defined by the top of the letterforms to the uppermost point of the upper radiance mark. The top, right and bottom margins should be equal and no larger than 1 Rad. The left margin should amount to 1.5 Rads. See the example below.

visual center examplesvisual center examples

Wall Signage

Reception area signage should be centered on the wall horizontally; the top of the signage should be mounted vertically at 6 feet in order to be visible above a desk or counter. Signs should be produced in the corporate colors and may be produced in a variety of materials – plastics, wood, metal, etc. Signs should be sized appropriately – please consult a professional sign company for sizing information.

Internal Signage

Internal signage includes door, directional and notification signs. They are extremely important for getting candidates where they need to be and making them aware of pertient policy information or security regulations. Signage should only be obtained through the Corporate Marketing Department.

Door Signage

Signs on a door should be centered horizontally and appear just above eye level while maintaining the logo clear space requirements. For double-door situations the logo should be centered on the right door. Logo size should be large enough to be visible for some distance. Consult a sign expert for installation and sizing.

Door Signage

Small Signage

Small signage are those that are 8.5 x 11 inches or smaller including directional arrows, notifications, etc. These are provided by Prometric Corporate and should not be produced by local offices or centers. You can download the following signage files from the Downloads section of this site.

Small signage examples