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Corporate Promotional Items

Promotional items are used to build the Prometric brand. By appearing in everyday uses these items help to create a sense of community with our employees, partners and vendors. Items that evoke strong memories – associated with corporate outings, events, or tradeshows – keep the Prometric brand top of mind. Traditionally, promotional items include items such as pens, mugs, golf balls, key chains, desk objects, t-shirts, hats, caps and other logo apparel and giveaways.

Corporate promotional items should not include any product logos. Promotional items distributed by Prometric may only be co-branded with written permission from Prometric’s Global Marketing Team. When co-branding an item try to position the Prometric logo on the opposite side of the item from the other brand when possible.

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Color Options

Use the logo in the appropriate colors. When selecting apparel fabrics and colors, choose black, white or gray. Patterns are only acceptable when they are very small, like the example above, and do not impose upon the Prometric text or mark. When a more sophisticated apparel option is preferred, the logo can be used in all black stitching on black fabric.