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ID Management Logo Usage

The following rules and restrictions have been established to ensure a uniform presentation of the ID Management product brand and to protect it against misuse or infringement by other parties. Variations from these rules are permitted only with prior and specific written approval from the Global Marketing Department.



Logo Color

Color is often as recognizable as the logo itself. This is due in part because it re-enforces the brand even without the presence of the logo. Color conveys character, tone, symbolism and emotion – all which help to define Intelitest as well as make it more memorable. Therefore, like the logo there are rigid guidelines that need to be followed with regard to color application.

Pantone 376 and 660

Clear Space

Clear Space

To maintain logo integrity there must be a certain amount of “clear space” surrounding the logo. This barrier should be void of any other graphic objects or edge elements. The distance is defined by the bottom to the top of the base of the “i” letterform including the “dot”.

Approved Logo Versions

We have provided the following examples to illustrate the appropriate and inappropriate uses of the logo. Three approved logo versions have been created to ensure maximum visibility. Choose the best option taking into account print quality and background. All approved versions are available for download from this site.


ID Management logo green purple

Green and Black

Use this version whenever possible.

ID Management logo black

Solid Black

Use the solid black version only for applications requiring one or two–color printing, where the second color is not PANTONE 376.

ID Management logo white green

Green and White

Use this version when logo appears against black.

ID Management White

Solid White

Logo should only be reversed on black or Pantone 376. It is also acceptable to reverse the logo when used on a dark area of a photograph. The dark area should cover the logo’s entire clear space.

Unacceptable Variations

ID Management logo amputated


The logo must always be used in its entirety. It should not be altered or reduced in any way.

ID Management logo stretched


The logo must always be used proportionally. Do not stretch or scale the elements independently. Be careful when using the logo in applications such as Microsoft Word that “auto-fit” graphics.

ID Management logo scaled
ID Management logo color change

Changing Colors

Do not interchange or alter the logo colors.

ID Management logo color change
Intelitest logo enclosed

Enclosing in a Shape

Do not encapsulate the logo within a box or shape.