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ID Management Brand Elements

The ID Management brand elements are those items that when individually and used in conjunction, make up the ID Management brand. Using the elements consistently is the best way to ensure brand integrity. Review the elements thoroughly before developing any marketing materials. When developing any materials review the appropriate guidelines section for usage and download the relevant templates.

Logo Usage


Review the Logo Usage section for restrictions that have been established to ensure a uniform presentation of the Intelitest product brand. Examples of what uses are acceptable and unacceptable have been provided. Variations from these rules are permitted only with prior and specific written approval from the Global Marketing Department. The logos come in a variety of formats for use in different applications.


The logo colors are Pantone 376 and Pantone 660. For specific details review the ID Management Logo Usage page. Use Prometric’s primary palette in support of all Intelitest marketing materials. Review the section, Color Palette (Pantone, CMYK, RGB, etc.) to be certain color accuracy is correct across various applications and medium.


Typography is a unifying element that pulls all the others together. Consistency is imperative for Intelitest’s brand success.

Primary Typefaces

As a key product of Prometric, Intelitest uses the same fonts as the corporate brand. Please review the appropriate font families in the Typography section of this site.

Breuer Text, Anziano, Grotzec Headline Condensed Regular


Imagery is a critical element of the ID Management brand. The same guidelines for Prometric’s corporate imagery apply to images used for Intelitest. The imagery should convey the following concepts:

Writing Style

When developing content for Intelitest marketing materials the writing style should be the same as the corporate guidelines – targeting the appropriate audience.

Graphical Elements

The overall tone of the ID Management materials should match the corporate materials. Pieces should include the use of white space and colored gradients. ID Management also incorporates organic wave elements. These express a fluidity that is inherent in the product and its ability to be customized and adapted to the client's needs.