My Prometric

Logo Banner

This area is reserved exclusively for the Prometric logo. It should not include any other text or graphics. In the case of client marketing promotions, the client’s logo may appear above this band. The band must always appear as shown below – black with the logo appropriately reversed.

Logo banner

Primary Messaging Area

This is the area immediately below the logo banner and extends the full width of the email. It should be the primary graphical area that includes the subject of the email or key value statement. The text should be set in Breuer Text (exceptions can be made when doing client marketing promotions, where the brand should be more in line with that of the client). View the brand identity sections on photography, typography, and writing style when developing HTML emails.

Email examples


The body is the area for providing the details associated with the promotion. The messaging should reinforce and support Prometric’s brand personality.

You must...


The body of the email is based on a three-column grid of equal width. Generally, the main block of body text should extend across the two left columns. The right should be used for callout and minor promotional items. The top, bottom, left and right margins should be 30 pixels from their respective edges. Gutters should be a minimum of 25 pixels. Column widths may vary slightly if column background colors are used as in the examples above.


Footer Banner

This area is reserved for primary contact information, such as phone number and corporate web address. It should not include any other text or graphics. The banner should be black with text set in 12 pixel Arial Bold. A drop shadow below helps to add dimensionality and separate the email from the browser background.

Footer Banner


This is the area below the footer banner. It is reserved for disclaimer, copyright, and opt-out links and information. This area changes from time to time due to dates, change in language, geographic targeting, audience, etc., and should be confirmed with both the LISTSERV vendor and Prometric’s Corporate Marketing Department. All text in this area should be left justified and set in Arial. It may be no smaller than 9 pixels and no larger than 12 pixels in size.