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DSST Trade Show Graphics

Trade shows offer a great opportunity for brand deployment. Customers and partners are exposed to DSST services and offered the opportunity to speak with and have their questions immediately answered by knowledgeable staff. The following guidelines have been provided to ensure consistency of Prometric’s brand. Before developing any exhibit graphics or materials, please review Prometric’s Brand Personality section to properly incorporate the appropriate supporting brand attributes including typography, imagery, color palette, writing style and tone. If the event includes giveaways, please view the section on Promotional Giveaways. The booth graphics and materials are to establish brand presence and provide a backdrop for event staff. Staff should always be prepared and wear the appropriate brand apparel.

Exhibit Design

Exhibits – just like ads – consist of two parts: headers and display. Corporate branding for a booth or banner should always appear within the header at the top of an exhibit system, just above eye level. The logo should be visible from a minimum distance of 25 feet. Taglines and headlines should be visible from a minimum of 10 feet. Detail messaging should also be readable from a minimum of 10 feet but may appear lower than eye level; it is meant to be read at a closer distance when not blocked by booth visitors.

Tradeshow header and display



Headers are either the top portion of the overall booth, or in some cases, a sign positioned above the display area. The DSST logo must appear in the header and be the dominant element. The primary tagline and/or Prometric logo also may appear in the header. The Prometric logo should be smaller in size and subordinate to the DSST logo. The header background color preference is white or Pantone 376. For a standard 8 x 10 booth (actual width 117 inches) the header should be no smaller than 18 inches in height.

Header examples

The logo should be left justified and as large as possible, while adhering to clear space requirements. The corporate tagline must be set in all upper case Breuer Text Regular. The tagline should be the largest text on the booth and must be clearly legible from a distance of at least 25 feet.

Note: Make every effort to minimize the amount of crossover of graphics or text across panel seams. Characters may straddle seams, but it is very difficult to align panels perfectly.


The display is everything below the header. It may include images and text, and its purpose is to convey Prometric’s brand personality while being relevant to the event audience. The best booths are those that are simple in design with limited text. Like ads and billboards, a display must convey its message briefly.

Display examples


For backgrounds or non-photographic panels and other graphic elements, use colors from the approved palette.


See the Imagery and Photo Library sections for general guidelines and a selection of appropriate photos. Use images with simple subjects that are impactful and easily understood. Imagery should highlight people.


All text should be set in Breuer Text. Type size is dependent on the priority of the message, but all text should be legible from at least 10 feet away. Text should not fall below waist level unless it is a call to action or used as a graphical element.

Additional Considerations

There are numerous considerations when planning an exhibit booth. All of these elements should be taken into account to produce the best experience possible.