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DSST Literature

Prior to creating marketing literature, review Prometric’s Brand Personality and Brand Strategy sections in order to properly incorporate the appropriate supporting brand attributes, including typography, imagery, color palette and writing style. Literature includes pieces such as brochures, product sheets and case studies.

The best way to ensure brand consistency is to use the provided templates and follow the guidelines and specifications below.


Each item cover should include the DSST logo, Prometric logo and a headline. The back cover must include a sign-off. The need and use of imagery is dependent upon the particular piece – see Imagery for usage details.

example 1

example 2


The DSST logo should always appear in the upper right area of the piece. When possible use the logo with web address version. It should be no closer than .5 inches from the top and right edges of the paper. Vertical positioning is discretionary but should appear above the vertical center of the page. Horizontal positioning should appear to the far right. The logo should not be used any smaller than 1.125 inches wide. For smaller pieces, scale the logo accordingly, but no smaller than one inch wide. Proximity to page edge should not change, regardless of size – see Logo for usage details.

logo position

Prometric Logo

The corporate logo should always appear in the lower right corner of a cover – see Logo. The Prometric logo should be no smaller than one inch wide and must meet minimum clear space requirements.


Headlines should be set in Anziano Regular. Body text should be set in either Kievit or Myriad.


The sign-off includes the DSST logo, Prometric logo and contact info. The contact info should include both the corporate web address and the mailing address. All sign-off contact info must be set in Breuer Text, no smaller than 8 points. The DSST logo should appear in the lower left corner and the Prometric logo in the lower right. The DSST logo and Prometric logo should visually align horizontally.


Product/Service Sheet Templates

When developing a two-sided service sheet for DSST, use the provided template and guidelines.

Product/Service Sheet Templates

Image Band

Review the Imagery section for details on image selection. The chosen imagery should be specific to the subject and appropriate for the geographical audience. The left half of the imagery should be manipulated to reduce its contrast in order to better see the reversed out headline.


The DSST logo should always appear in the upper right area of the piece above the imagery band. Select the samples above to see enlarged detail views. The top and right margins should be the same for both 8.5 x 11 and A4 paper sizes.


The headline should be set in the corporate font Breuer Text Regular. The minimum font size is 23 points. Ideally the headline should appear in the image band reversed to white.


The front should always use a three-column approach. The reverse side may either continue with three columns or switch to an alternative two-column approach.