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DSST Brand Elements

The DSST brand elements are those items that when used individually and in conjunction make up the DSST brand. Using the elements consistently is the best way to ensure brand integrity. Review the elements thoroughly before developing any marketing materials. When developing any materials, review the appropriate guidelines section and download the relevant templates.


The DSST logo is proprietary intellectual property and a trademark of Prometric, Inc. Review the Logo section for restrictions that have been established to ensure a uniform presentation of the DSST service brand. Examples of acceptable and unacceptable uses are provided. Variations from these rules are permitted only with prior and specific written approval from the Global Marketing Department. The logos come in a variety of formats for use in different applications.

Color Palette

The logo colors are Pantone 376 and Pantone 5405. For specific details review the DSST Logo section. Use Prometric’s primary palette in support of all DSST marketing materials. Review the section Color Palette (Pantone, CMYK, RGB, etc.) to be certain color accuracy is correct across various applications and mediums.


Typography is a unifying element that pulls everything together. Consistency is imperative for DSST’s brand success.

Primary Typefaces

The three font families used by DSST are Anziano, Kievit and the corporate font Breuer Text. Unlike the corporate typography standards, Anziano is used for all headlines. Kievit or Breuer Text are sans-serifed faces used for “body copy.” Breuer Text should be used when there is limited body copy – i.e. posters and exibit graphics. Kievit should be used when there is substantial body copy – i.e. literature. Myriad is an acceptable alternative for Kievit.

Anziano, Kievit, Breuer


Imagery is a critical element of the DSST brand. The same guidelines for Prometric’s corporate imagery apply to images used for DSST – see Imagery. The only difference is the subject of the imagery. The audience for DSST is narrower than Prometric’s corporate audiences. The target is generally an early 20s demographic -- individuals who have graduated from high school or received a GED but have put off college for a variety of reasons. Military personnel are one such audience and should be noted visually.

Writing Style

When developing content for DSST marketing materials, the writing style should follow the same guidelines as the corporate marketing materials, targeting the appropriate audience.

Graphical Elements

An important and common graphical element for DSST materials is the use of overlapping, rounded-corner color blocks. For examples, review the web site, trade show graphics and literature. These elements should not be used excessively as to become busy or distracting. They should be used to highlight key value statements and callouts. The corners themselves should remain smaller in radius, as this projects a more sophisticated look, catering to the intended audience. Corners that are more rounded, with a larger radius, tend to appear elementary or oriented toward children.