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Corporate Business Cards

Prometric business cards are used globally. They have been designed to maximize the area for contact information. Up to three lines are available for name and title, and up to eight lines for contact information. Additionally, alternate templates are available for adding the corporate web address if all eight lines are needed for address, numbers and email address.

Card templates are available for the United States, APACA, Europe and Japan. Cards should be ordered through the standard regional marketing channels.

To download card and alternate templates, please visit the Downloads section of this site.

Card Sizes

  Inches Millimeters
United States standard 3.5 x 2 88.9 x 50.8
APACA standard 2.913 x 2.074 74 x 52.68
European standard 3.37 x 2.12 85.6 x 53.85
Japanese standard 3.583 x 2.165 91 x 55

Name 30 Characters or Less, Title up to 30 Characters, Line 2 if necessary

All cards will be printed in two colors using the primary corporate colors. The paper stock should be no less than an 80 pound cover weight. A premium, off-white, high cotton-based stock should be used. A slight “tooth” or vellum is preferable to a smooth sheet. The stock should be solid without flecks or debris of any kind.

All text should be in the corporate font Breuer Text Regular, except for the name, which should be in bold. Only titles (both lines) and telephone labels should be in Pantone 376.

United States, Europe and Japan Cards:

US, Europe and Japan card


Asia-PAC card

Margins and Names:

position of margins and names

Card Samples

Test Development Solutions

US card alternate example


Japan card example

JAPAN – Alternate

Japan card alternate example


Asia-PAC example

ASIA-PAC – Alternate

Asia-PAC alternate example


Europe example

EUROPE – Alternate

Europe alternate example