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Corporate Advertisements

Prometricís advertising plays an important role in its brand outreach strategy. Before implementing any print advertising, please review Prometricís Brand Personality section to properly incorporate the appropriate supporting brand attributes including typography, imagery, color palette, writing style and tone. The guidelines and templates should be used to ensure brand and message consistency.

Corporate Print Advertising

All ads can be divided into two main sections – content area and brand area.

Corporate print advertising

Content Area

The content area is the entire area above the brand area – see Brand Area below. This area is intended for creatively portraying Prometric's core competencies, service offerings and key values within the definition of Prometric's brand personality. The following elements should be included:

Content area

Primary Messaging and Body Copy

The primary messaging should be clear, concise and to the point – see Writing Style. Use bullet points to convey multiple concepts.


The headline should be reversed out of a color band or image. Headlines should be short and to the point and be set in Breuer Text Regular.

Brand Area

The brand area is a band that runs the entire width of the ad. It may be white, black or in Prometricís corporate green. The band must include the Prometric logo and adhere to the logoís rules regarding
clear space.

Brand area

The branding area may also include the following elements:

Calls to Action

The call to action is the action you want a reader to take after viewing the ad. The call to action should include – but not be limited to – the corporate website address.

Color Bands

Color bands should be used only when the content area is a full-bleed photo.